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Denise and I are back in Atlanta now, and with a full keyboard, I want to write you a proper thank-you letter.

I'd fished various boats out of PDC on two prior trips.

Widowed several years ago, and recently re-married; I wanted to introduce my new wife, Denise, to some blue-water fishing. She did well in both Alaska and Costa Rica, but she'd never been off-shore. Most important to a good experience for her (more even that fishing), I knew would be a clean, working head!

I figured a bigger boat than the budget boats I usually booked (and certainly not an panga on the first trip) would be the answer.

At the same time, I've gotten on a mailing list for a fishing oriented travel agent, "Fishing with Larry".

I phone FWL and talked to "Guy", the son of now deceased Larry. I was impressed with his knowledge and asked him about coming back to PDC. Whether he was responsible for our getting booked with you and Thresher, I'd like to know. In either case, the fishing portion of our trip couldn't have turned out any better.

Your excellent English meant we could communicate!

Both Denise and I were amazed when you told us the age of Thresher; it is immaculate!

Your gear was top notch; Penn International and Shimano.

The three different mates that worked our three days of fishing were pleasant, capable and tireless.

And then there was the fishing!

4 striped marlin (2 apiece) to the boat by 10am on day one. How we missed all of the next 5 shots I don't know. But you put us in the fish! Denise and I couldn't have been happier.

Day 2 we mixed it up with Roosters and lost count. You said 14 to the boat! Again a morning bite. Again; we couldn't have been happier. An "eater" Dorado in the afternoon, Denise's first; and we had our supper. The Bayview did a great job preparing ceviche and grilling it.

And day 3 you came up with yet a different program as we joined 15 other boats fishing the large mixed school of tuna. Despite all the boats pitching baits; the yellowfin didn't turn-on. But Denise got two Bonita and a nice African Pompano which we again had for our dinner.

All three days we returned to our room and put on our bathing suits and headed to the pool for drinks and more sun. And each day we saw you return with your truck to help and supervise your mates cleaning the boat. They worked for hours; even after the long day of fishing. You have a hard-working crew.

We hope to fish with you again. I need to get Denise on a blue and a sail.

Until then; Thank you!once again.


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I just completed another 3-day fishing trip with the amazing Dos Amigos fishing fleet. The service and support I received from Julio was great! Overall, this was one of the best vacations I have ever taken!