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East Cape Fishing Charters

East Cape Fishing Charters

The East Cape of the Baja is truly an amazing place to fish. If you notice the mountainous terrain you will understand why the fishing is like no other place on earth. Along the East cape of the Baja California Sur the high dessert mountains meet the Ocean. This plus nutrient filled currents creates the ultimate start of the trophic cycle. The enriched food source fuels a variety of marine life. It is only a short distance from the beach until you find yourself where the water is thousands of feet deep. We have caught tuna weighing over 150 lbs and Billfish only a few hundred yards from the beach.

East Cape Offers Great Fishing

The east cape is not very crowded which means great fishing! There are usually only a handful of boats out unlike Cabo where there can be hundreds. Another great reason to fish the East Cape is that the sea is usually fairly calm. The East Cape is what Cabo used to be like in the early '70s with very few tourists. There were no restaurant chains, just a few locally-owned restaurants and bars. It is a very safe area. I have been visiting The East Cape for over thirty years and I have never had a problem with any criminal activity. They roll up the sidewalks each night at 9:00. There is very little light pollution so the opportunity for stargazing or astrophotography is excellent. If you are looking for wild nightlife, you won't find it here. Your alarm clock in the morning will be the crowing of the local roosters. The beaches are beautiful, uncrowded and the water is calm and clear. If you have never fished the East Cape it should be on your bucket list as it is truly a one of a kind location that won't stay this way forever.

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I just completed another 3-day fishing trip with the amazing Dos Amigos fishing fleet. The service and support I received from Julio was great! Overall, this was one of the best vacations I have ever taken!