At Dos Amigos, your safety is our Number #1 concern!

Our History

Once a year Steven would come down to Baja, Mexico to go sport fishing. Steven has fished all over the world, and this was one of his favorite places to fish, as the fishing is truly amazing. He would stay at the Palmas De Cortez, and would use whatever boat was available. One year Steven was booking his trip and the booking agent said that they had a cancellation, and the El Loco 11 is available which is 29ft Blackfin cruiser with twin engines, a top notch captain, and mate, so he booked it. He never booked anything but the El Loco 11 again!

Captain Julio is amazing. He "hunts for fish".

Steven was amazed at how Clean Captain Julio kept his boat.

Steven's friends would refer to Julio as "Captain Clean!"

Steven asked Julio what the ultimate boat would be for these waters. Captain Julio quickly replied "A 33ft Blackfin Convertible with Cummins in-line sixes". He went on to explain that the 33ft Black fins are great boats, but the caterpillar V8 engines that are common on these boats are heavy, noisy, and consume a lot of fuel. The inline sixes are lighter, quieter, faster, and most important, much more fuel efficient.

For the next two and a half years Steven looked for the perfect boat to bring down to Mexico. He looked at many different boats in many different cities. He sent pictures of different boats to Captain Julio until he finally came across a Blackfin 33ft convertible named "Thresher" for sale in Osterville, Massachusetts.

After a thorough inspection, Steven purchased the boat, and had new Furuno electronics, radios, and a generator installed.

Steven also had the same person who writes the safety protocols for vessels used by the U.S.C.G. replace all of the radios, and electronics on our vessel. He also certified the boat for safety.

Steven called Captain Julio in Mexico, and started a partnership that would later become "Dos Amigos Sport Fishing Company". Together with the aid of Captain Jens Wrona, an experienced Danish captain, they set sail from Osterville for West Palm Beach, Florida after which the boat was loaded on a vessel, and transported to La Paz Mexico.

Several weeks later Steven flew down to meet with Captain Julio in La Paz to sail the boat to Cabo San Lucas. The boat went through another series of modifications including new upholstery, 2 live bait wells, tuna tubes, and teaser reels. Brand new, top of the line fishing equipment, including binoculars with image stabilization were also added to the equipment roster.

With the success of the Thresher We have added 3 more Blackfin 33's to the fleet The Mako, El Loco and El Tigre (Tiger) all of these boats are outfitted the same but have some slight cosmetic differences. All of the boats have top of the line new electronics, safety equipment and new fishing gear. and most important the best of the best captains and crew.

Dos Amigos Sport Fishing spares no expense when it comes to fishing equipment, and more importantly, your safety!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I just completed another 3-day fishing trip with the amazing Dos Amigos fishing fleet. The service and support I received from Julio was great! Overall, this was one of the best vacations I have ever taken!